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Mexico & Tex Mex

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Mexico and the United States,have a rich culinary history - particularly in regards to Rancheros in California and Texas. Mexican cuisine is full of wonderful ingredients that reflect the agriculture available to ranchers, delicious spices from traditional Mexican food, and innovative spirit of the people and cultura. We made nachos with dips, home made nach cheese sauce, turkey tacos with taco seasoning, and quesadillas with plenty of cilantro!

Mexico has a special place in Chef Ollie's heart. Although she is Italian, Mexican and Mexican American cuisine are her not-so-secret favorite! Ollie is fluent in Spanish and Italian, so kids got to learn/ be exposed to some key phrases, beautiful literature, poetry and songs.

“Can we make these again? Like tomorrow, and everyday? I just really like the quesadillas!.”

Nachos are one of the most beloved snacks for kids. They might be served one way at the movies, but we make ours with wholesome ingredients, and load them up with nutritious avocado, tomato, green onion and plenty of cilantro, por supuesto!

Nacho Cheese Sauce Recipe:

(This only takes 5 minutes!)


2 Tbsp butter

2 Tbsp flour

1 cup whole milk

6 oz. medium cheddar, shredded (about 1.5 cups)

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp chili powder / taco seasoning/ smoked paprika


Add the butter and flour to a small sauce pot. Heat and whisk the butter and flour together until they become bubbly and foamy. Continue to cook and whisk the bubbly mixture for about 60 seconds.

Whisk the milk into the flour and butter mixture. Turn the heat up slightly and allow the milk to come to a simmer while whisking. When it reaches a simmer, the mixture will thicken. Once it's thick enough to coat a spoon, turn off the heat.

Stir in the shredded cheddar, one handful at a time, until melted into the sauce. If needed, place the pot over a low flame to help the cheese melt. Do not overheat the cheese sauce.

Once all the cheese is melted into the sauce, stir in the salt and chili powder. Taste and adjust the seasoning as needed. If the sauce becomes too thick, simply whisk in an additional splash of milk.

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