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Making Pizza with Kids!

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

We start with Neopolitan style traditional pizza dough, and children learn the basic techniques for kneading, forming, and shaping pizza dough like a true pizzaiolo/a!

Kids love making pizza! You can keep dough on-hand frozen using this recipe, or purchase from Chef Ollie's shop! A quick alternative is using store bought Naan bread and using favorite sauce & toppings.

“Pizza is like the entire food pyramid!” – Madeline Oles
Although American fast food versions can be quite unhealthy, a real pizza with quality ingredients like fresh tomato sauce, mozarella di bufala (which also is great for our lactose intolerant friends and Indian-American friends who do not eat cow or cow by products), fresh tomato, basil, and extra virgin olive oil is packed with satisfying nutrients. Pizza is a great vehicle for serving up vegetables and herbs to hungry kids (and adults!)

Fun fact:

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

It is both! It just depends on who you are. To a botanist, it is a fruit. To a chef, it is culinary-wise considered a vegetable as it is generally used in savory dishes as a vegeatble would be used. So, tomato "tomahtoe" - let's never call the whole thing off and learn more about making pizza!

How to form pizza dough:

Check out Chef Ollie's WikiHow article on how to shape & toss (more advanced) pizza dough. Four our tk-5th purposes, we focused on forming and shaping the dough for our pizza.

Did you know pizza tossing is an international sport? Also there is a world breakdancing and dough throwing competition - mamma mia!

Fun Fact: Pizza originated in a global pandemic. It was originally fried, as all water had to be avoided in the boubonic plague, but frying kills all bacteria and viruses! Pizza has sustained many of us in the pandemic. How many pizzas did you order?

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